The International English Test

The International English Test (IET) is an online test to evaluate international students' english level to Chinese universities.

It is officially recognised by Chinese universities and is accepted as an official evaluation of your English level.

The IET test has been recognised by 96% of Chinese universities in 2020*. In the case that it is not recognised we will offer you a full refund. 

After the test you will receive a certificate of your English level and a score which is designed to assess your overall English proficiency and if you are able to study in English. 

 - The price of the test is $139 USD.
 - No need to leave your home - the test will be entirely online.
 - You will be able to book the time for the test (within 2-3 days after you have ordered).
 - The result and certificate will be given to you within 1 week. 

About the Test

The International English Test is made of the following parts:
- Speaking - Online Interview (The original IET) - it will last 15 minutes.
- Reading - 2 Articles and Questions (40 minutes )
- Writing - 2 Essay Questions (40 minutes)
- Listening - 3 Sections, 16 questions - (30 minutes)

How to book your IET test? 

To book your IET test, complete the form on the right. You can also book it by sending the $139 USD payment here and send us the receipt by email to

We will then send you the guide for the test, how to prepare, a link to schedule your time for your IET test. 


*It is not yet approved by C9 Universities - Tsinghua, Peking University, Renmin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University or the Chinese Scholarship Council. These are pending approval. For any other universities not mentioned above, you will receive a refund guarantee if it is not recognised. 

More information about the cancellation and refund policy here.

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